Sl.No Description
1 H.R.Arakeri Auditorium (250 Seating)
Stage, False ceiling, Podium, Projector, two green rooms, Mike, 250 plastic chairs, sound system, fans, table & chairs for the stage
2 B.J Nanjundappa Hall (100 Seating)
Stage, False ceiling, Podium, Projector, Mike, 100 Plastic chairs, Sound system, table & chairs for the stage
3 Conference Hall (50 Seating)
U' Shape meeting table with cushion chairs, false ceiling, fixed screen with table mikes
5 Hand Held Cordless Microphone
6 Collar Microphone
7 Cordless Collar Microphone
8 INFOCUS Roof mounted Multimedia projector with screen, LAPTOP / Computer unit, pointer, operator (HRA/BJN Hall)
9 Instalock Screen HRA Auditorium
10 Instalock Screen BJN Hall
11 Instalock wall screen Conference Hall
12 Inauguration Brass Lamp - big size
a) With accessories such as oil & flowers
b) Without any accessories
13 White Writing board with tripod stand, pen and duster
14 Exhibition or display boards with stand, base plate etc. without any accessories
15 Decorative 'Jayamala' Chair

Note: Usage of Projector set is optional. The hall users can use their own projector set if they have.

*Remarks:- Cost of Decoration of the stage with flowers etc. is not included.