Activities for the year 2012-13

The Managing Committee of the Institution of Agricultural Technologists comprises 13 elected members, four co-opted members, two nominated Presidents of IAT Regional Chapters on yearly basis and 14 ex-officio members. The Institution is headed by the President with two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, Treasurer, Joint Secretary and the members. Besides, 10 IAT Regional Chapters at their district places are also functioning. The IAT Regional Chapter Chitradurga is having its own building and functioning very well. The IAT Bangalore is extending financial support to the Regional Chapters annually to each Chapter for conducting activities. Higher financial assistance is also extended to the chapters based on their requirement.

As scheduled, the Managing Committee met every month regularly to review implementation of various programmes by different subcommittees and extend required support and guidance. The expenditure incurred during the previous month and proposals of the budget required for the succeeding months was reviewed to ensure proper utilization of funds. In all 13 meetings of the Managing Committee were conducted during the year 2012-13.

Election of New Managing Committee of IAT (2012-2015)

The Election for IAT for the term 2012-2015 was successfully conducted on 29-12-2012. Sri.A.Umesh Rao, Ex-Vice-President was appointed as Election Officer. Sri.Umesh Rao was supported by Sri.Shankaralingu and Lakshminarasaiah, senior IATians who had served in earlier elections. The Election team lead by Sri.Umesh Rao conducted election very systematically and in a fair manner. 34 IATians were contested. Finally the following members were elected for the term 2012-2015.

  • K. Anandkrishna
  • K.J.Devendrappa
  • T.V.Gurudevaiah
  • Dr.L.B.Hugar
  • Dr.S. Jaganath
  • Dr.N.Krishnamurthy
  • C.N. Nandinikumari
  • Dr.H.R.Prakash
  • Dr.D.Rajagopal
  • Dr.A.Rajanna
  • Dr.K.V.Sarvesh
  • Dr.Shivamurthappa
  • Prof.V.Veerabhadraiah

IAT congratulates Umesh Rao and his teammates for having conducted election very systematically and in a fair manner.

The activities planned by different sub-committees have been carried out effectively.